Monday, 11 December 2017

Flat Stanley went to JAIL!!!!!

Ryan spent a weekend in jail with Flat Stanley!  Oh no!  Not to worry.......they were just visiting thanks to the generosity of Constable Dineen in Collingwood.  She gave Ryan and Flat Stanley a wonderful tour of the Collingwood Police Station.  They sat in the front of a police car and they also went on a police boat!  They got to go into a jail cell too!!! 

Flat Stanley has had more adventures in Australia!!

William received more pictures from family friend Erika "down under"!  Flat Stanley is now a certified scuba diver!  He has discovered the Great Barrier Reef and shared fun pictures of his scuba goggles!  Flat Stanley has also learned how to be a veterinarian!  He was a HUGE part of saving a lizard, a Boobook owl AND a rabbit!  Thanks to Erika, we've learned SOOOO many things about the veterinarian profession.  Thank you friend Erika for your ongoing letters and information!!!  We're so lucky that Flat Stanley is spending so much time with you! 

Log Cabins!!!

We had so much fun creating our log cabins!  We showed great teamwork and a HUGE amount of creativity! 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Pioneer Log Cabins!

Hi everyone!
Pictures of the log cabins are coming!  We are having a few students "finish up" first and then we'll share the pictures.  We had so much fun creating these cabins.  Please be sure to read the recent "December News" that came home this past week.  There is important information there about the Christmas Concert and all of the other fun events that happen in December!