Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Pioneer Life in Upper Canada

Our Gr.3 students have begun learning about Early Settlers in Upper and Lower Canada in the 1800s.  We'll be using the chrome books to study interesting facts about these brave people.  You can have a look at this website with your child at home too if you wish!


A link for Gr.4 Habitats and Communities will be coming soon!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Education Day at the G.N.E.!

Our Gr.3 students had their turn this year to learn all about agricultural.  We enjoyed a sheep shearing demonstration, petting horses, milking cows and much, much more!  It was a great day for learning!  We're grateful that the weather stayed in tact for our visit!

We found our paper plate turkeys at the fair too!!!!

Friday, 14 September 2018

These turkeys are heading to the G.N.E.!!!!

The G.N.E. is coming to Collingwood and we've been busy creating some fun artwork to enter!!  Your children were given a variety of materials to create a paper plate turkey.  They could choose to decorate their turkey any way they wished with some examples from "Google" projected on our whiteboard.  I'm VERY impressed with our creativity and enthusiasm!  Your kids' turkeys will travel to the G.N.E. to be displayed next weekend! 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Our Flat Stanleys are ready to be mailed!

Flat Stanley is very excited to begin some fun adventures!  Here are some of our Stanleys (and Stellas!), ready to meet you!  They've come home with your child today along with a few letters and more details about next steps. 

Here are some examples of projects!  When Stanley arrives home from your host family, you can display him with any pictures, letters or descriptions that your host family may have sent!  Some families have used bristol board or poster board to arrange the project and others have emailed pictures and descriptions to my email address for students to present while projecting on our whiteboard from the computer.  Whatever works best for you and your child is great! 
 Stella's Flat Stanley went to Arizona and sat in a cactus!!!  When her aunt mailed back the pictures and a letter, Stella displayed them on poster board.
 Ava's Flat Stella visited a horse farm and when she got her pictures, she typed her own descriptions of each picture on her home computer and taped them to the pictures. 
 Jonah's Flat Stanley went to University with his sister a few years ago.  His sister wrote Jonah a letter explaining all of the things Stanley learned in the science lab.
 Maddy's Flat Stanley traveled across Canada and when she received pictures of the adventure in the mail, she displayed them on bristol board and wrote descriptions of each picture. 

I hope this project brings you lots of fun!  Remember that Stanley can go on an adventure with YOU!  You don't necessarily have to mail him away.  Whenever you receive your Stanley back in the mail, feel free to send your project in at any time during the year!

Have fun, families!!!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Welcome to Mrs. O's Blog!

Hello Gr. 3/4 families!
I'm excited to use this blog for pictures of cool things we're doing in class!  I'll also use it to communicate about upcoming events and/or things that you could practise at home with your child.  Sometimes, I'll post a video from class that we found helpful during a lesson....you might find it helpful at home too when reinforcing different topics or concepts!!!  It will also give you a chance to see what we're up to out here in the portable.  My goal is to update the blog every Friday but I may post different things during the week as they come up.  If your routine is to check every Friday though, that will likely work just fine.  Anything that I might post during the week will also be written in agendas by your kids.  The agenda will be our main communication tool but the blog is definitely fun for pictures!!! 

You've received a letter about a "Writer's Notebook".  Here are some fun examples of what you and your child might find!  Some of us already have a notebook here at school and that's great! 

Monday, 4 June 2018

Community Clean-Up

Thank you Grade 3s for caring about our Earth!  You did a great job cleaning up Batteaux Rd. and I'm very proud of you!

Pioneer Days in Grade 3!

We had a great time at the Simcoe County Museum on May 22nd!  We dressed up in "pioneer gear" and learned a LOT about the ways of life in the 1800s.  Thank you to all parents who were able to join us that day! 

Pioneer Life in Upper Canada

Our Gr.3 students have begun learning about Early Settlers in Upper and Lower Canada in the 1800s.  We'll be using the chrome books to s...