Friday, 11 October 2019

Turkey Time!!!

Here we are, Thanksgiving weekend already!  Time flies when you're having fun!  We hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving turkey wreaths to decorate your homes.  We also had fun joining together with Mrs. Hammond's class to create our Thanksgiving gift bags for our families.  We sure do have a bunch of grateful kids in our class.  They came up with so many things to be thankful for and right up there at the top of the list was family.  :) 

We wrote more "thankful stories" on our dinner settings.  Our kids did a great job on these!

Also this week, we signed out the chrome books and began this year's journey on Raz Kids!  Next week, I will glue into the front of your child's agenda the username and password for your child to login at home and read with this valuable tool.  

We were unable to use the Library today for a book exchange but will choose new books on Tuesday.  

Also remember that our Cooperation Assembly is on Wednesday, October 30th from 9:30 to 10:30 and we're super excited to share a few "acts" with you!  Please come if you are able!  

Stayed tuned for more information about a Halloween celebration in our class!  I will create "treat teams" so that we can take turns bringing in treats for each special occasion this year.  A reminder will come home about our food allergies and I'll include some ideas for safe treats.  

Next Thursday is a math quiz!  We will test our skills on drawing tens and ones blocks for a given number, making tallies, using expanded form (20 + 5), using greater than / less than signs, telling "one more, one less" and marking a number on a number line.  A practice sheet came home yesterday along with some suggestions for practice for individual students.  

We'll start writing some simple narratives next week!  We're going to create a classroom Flat Stanley and he's going to take some adventures and write stories about them!  We'll create spooky Halloween narratives too.  Please remember that Flat Stanley doesn't have to be a large, fancy project.  He can go on several "adventures" throughout the year!  Perhaps you're mailing him away somewhere and that will take a longer time but if you still have him at home waiting to be mailed, he can go somewhere with YOU on the weekends!  I know there are a few families taking him to their Thanksgiving dinners this weekend.  All you need to do is take a few pictures of him doing your activity and email them to me at  I'll pop them up on our screen and your child can present the adventure to us!  We're looking for nice volume, speaking clearly and describing the adventure as best as he/she can......but this will also be good practise getting up in front of an audience and speaking bravely.  If we have jitters with public speaking, this will be a fun way to say good-bye to those jitters!  

I wish you all a very safe, happy Thanksgiving weekend with your families!

Friday, 4 October 2019

Orange Shirt Day and Apples!

We had a great day at Kennedy Orchards on Monday!  Unfortunately, Mrs. O forgot her camera!  But Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Kutcy had a few great pics for us and I'm very grateful!  Thank you to the Kennedy family for hosting us on this great day and for teaching us so much about the apple harvest!  

Next week, we'll use some of our apples to create apple print art!

Monday was also Orange Shirt Day!  Students learned about a little girl, years ago, who entered a residential school in a shiny, orange shirt.  Her beautiful shirt was taken from her and thus began a childhood of unhappiness.  The empathy shown by our students while learning her story was very moving for me as their teacher.  Way to show heart, Nottawa :)  

We had fun doing "apple math" this week!  We counted apple Cheerios and represented our numbers in many ways.  

Stay tuned next week for lots of "turkey time"!   See next blog for the video that wouldn't load up above!  

Phyllis Webstad Orange Shirt Day Presentation

Friday, 27 September 2019

Recount writing, math fun, Terry Fox and MORE!

Well we've sure had a busy and fun first month of school!  I was very grateful to meet many parents yesterday at our "Meet the Teacher" event!  I was mingling around outside with some parents for the first half of the evening and was thrilled to come into the school to find so many students sharing their work with pride.  I hope I didn't miss you! 

We began our year together creating a simple set of rules for school.  Your children know the importance of raising their hands, taking turns, walking in the halls.....but I'm most grateful for their genuine kindness for others.  We try to treat this not so much as a "rule" but as something we should just be anyway.  I truly feel the kindness of your children each and every day!

Our literacy lessons have included new spelling words, word work and recount writing.  We've been writing about special events in our lives.  We begin with an opening or "topic" sentence, 3 details using "first, then, finally" and then a closing sentence.  Students are encouraged to "read the room" when completing tasks such as these so that they can recall all of the details of our lessons and be sure to include all of the necessary steps needed for their writing.  Anchor charts such as this one are helping us to achieve these goals. 

During math lessons, we've been ordering and comparing numbers.  We've also been using base ten blocks to show place value.  Sometimes we have paper activities but other times, we're proving how FUN math can be by using tools around the room and games to support our learning.  These dry erase hands have been a blast! 

We've been using that good old hungry alligator to learn "more than and less than".  He is so hungry, he needs to eat the bigger number every time he snacks!  And look at Jack!  He just happened to be sharing an actual alligator head the very day we posted this math poster! 

Last but certainly not least, we had a very successful Superhero Terry Fox Day yesterday!  We're all so proud of ALL of our students here at Nottawa for dressing up in their superhero gear and/or colours!  And we sure did celebrate Terry Fox in a huge way.  Mrs. Johnson will share with us the total amount raised at our next Spirit Assembly for "Caring" next Thursday, October 3rd during Periods 3 and 4 (11:20 - 1:00.  All are welcome!  Always!)  but we know it has surpassed other years of raising money here at Nottawa by FAR!  Way to go Nighthawks!  Your caring ways are shining yet again!  

Upcoming events include our "Orange Shirt Day" in support and celebration of our indigenous friends on Monday, September 30th.  Monday is also our walk to the apple orchard!  Our Spirit Assembly for Caring is Thursday, October 3rd from 11:20 to 1:00 and next Friday is a P.D.Day!  Thanks so much for reading with your children at home and for sending such caring kids to school!