Friday, 30 June 2017

Happy Summer!!!

It's been a fun year in Grade 3 for sure!  Thank you for your constant support this past year.  It's truly been a great team we've had going.  It's been wonderful watching your kids grow and learn......and it's a bittersweet thing sending them off to Grade 4!  But they're ready!  I wish you all a safe, happy summer with many adventures and lots of fun!

Flat Stanley travels to Japan!

One more Flat Stanley adventure!
Brady's friend Stanley travelled to Japan and wore the Great Buddha's straw sandals!

He also cleaned and cooked some octopus!!!!  Thank you very much to Brady's aunt in Japan for giving Flat Stanley such great adventures!!! We appreciated the oragami lesson TOO!!!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Summer, summer, here we come!!!

We've had a great year in Grade 3!  Here are some pics of Jump Rope for Heart and our Canada 150 Celebration!  I wish you all a safe, happy summer!!!  I will miss these kiddies so very much!