Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Patterning Practice Websites



Hi folks!
We have a patterning test coming up soon!  The above websites are a great place to practise for the test.  The first website contains a great video that explains WHERE we see patterns and WHY we have them.  It also contains an interactive activity in which students need to identify whether or not the shapes/colours etc. they see are actually patterns or not.  

The second website is filled with different activities for all different subjects.  You can choose the grade 3 pages and then choose "numbers".  Under "numbers", there are ALL KINDS of activities to choose from.....all of the math strands are covered!!!  Find the activity with the large yellow truck titled "Number Patterns".  This moves away from the shape and colour patterns and into the number pattern practice that we need.  Skip-counting is patterning!  It will be a very important skill from here on out in Grade 3.  When your child has completed this practice, he/she can choose from the many other activities on this website too.  It's important to maintain all skills learned because they pop up over and over again.  There is an activity to practise "rounding".......multiplication and division activities are included too and those are coming up SOON!