Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Our International Feast!

Well.....these pictures are a long time coming!  But here they are!  We had an incredible variety of foods from different countries to help us celebrate the time we've had together with Ben and to give him a GREAT "send-off"  back to Australia!  We had food from the UK, food from the Phillipines, from Guyana, Newfoundland, Germany......more treats from Holland, from Scotland, from Mexico and some family favourites from right here in Ontario!  And of course, we were so lucky to try Ben's Fairy Bread from Australia!  We sure do have a variety of special traditions from our families and an interesting mix of culture and heritage.  We had a great day!  We'll miss Ben and his family for sure.......but we're going to keep in touch!  We'll write him letters and we'll email back and forth with his mom!  I'd like to send a HUGE thank you to all of our Grade 3 families for sharing your traditions, working hard to prepare food, and for always being so supportive and fun with our Grade 3 adventures!   And thank you to Jonah's mom, Laura, for all of your help that day too!

Mrs. Johnson joined us for the feast and presented Ben with an awesome Nottawa Nighthawks T-shirt commemorating his "Canadian Tour" of 2016.  Thanks Mrs. J!  You ROCK!

Look at them stretching out on the beanbag chair, holding their bellies as if they'd just finished a Thanksgiving Day feast!  If only we had the football game available......

We sure will miss you Ben!  Keep in touch!  Always remember your friends here in Canada and come back and visit some day!