Thursday, 3 November 2016

Math Test Tomorrow!

Our unit on Data Management is coming to an end and we have a test tomorrow.  Hopefully you've found the practice test helpful along with the activities that your child has completed and brought home.  These activities show all of the areas that will be on the test.  You can recreate the questions on the practice test by changing numbers or changing tally topics.  You could do the same thing with the completed activities from the unit.  Another option is to google "graphing activities for Grade 3" or "venn diagrams for Grade 3"......a large variety of activities will pop up for your child to try.  Specific activities for this unit have been:  venn diagrams, reading tallies, pictographs with a "key", reading and creating bar graphs, deciding appropriate "scale" to create a bar graph AND circle graphs/pie charts.  I will use the next few weeks to find more specific websites to try for practice at home if you would like to go this route for our next units.  We will also begin "Mathletics" online this month!!!  More information on that will come home soon!