Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Math Support at Home / Heading Back to Pioneer Days!

Our new unit for Math is Patterning.  We'll be looking at changing attributes in patterns over the next 2 weeks.  Students will explore different patterns and determine the number of attributes changing and what those attributes are.

Mrs. Johnson, our Teacher Librarian, helps us on a daily basis with EQAO support in math.  She has an excellent blog with several links for Gr.3 online math activities.  If you would like to practise activities for each unit at home using technology, the links she provides on her blog are very engaging and easy to use.  Students have been using them here at school as well.  Visit her blog from the same "CLASSES" tab found on our school website that you use to find my blog.  You'll find these links very helpful if you're looking for ways to practise at home.  We'll also begin using Mathletics tomorrow.  A small note with instructions will come home in your agenda clip.  This is an ongoing program that will be used at least twice a week at school but can be continued at home if you wish.  It is not homework....students simply pick up where they left off from the last time of use.

We've been digging deep into the past to discuss the Early Settler years!  I've asked each student to start collecting a shoebox along with some small items that can be used for a shoebox diorama of a log cabin home at Christmas!  Students should keep their diorama items true to the times.  We've done some research to determine many differences between Early Settler years and today.  They'll be asked to use this research in their diorama project.  I'll provide many popsicle sticks, toothpicks, fabric for quilts and curtains, stones for fireplaces etc...etc......but if you have small items at home to contribute, they would be greatly appreciated.  We brainstormed ideas yesterday for decorating the diorama for a "pioneer Christmas" as well........someone suggested using pine cones for Christmas trees!  Very clever!  If you have pine cones, or any other items to share, please feel free to start sending them in at any time.  

Stay tuned also for news about our International Feast.  We'll have this at some point during the 2 weeks of school before Christmas.  Start thinking about a tasty item from another area of the world that you and your child could contribute.  Perhaps we'll dress like Early Settlers to share the feast too!