Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Units and Halloween Fun!

Hi folks!

Students did very well yesterday on our Math Test and it's time to move on to our next unit!  For the month of October, we'll be working on Data Management.  We'll be sorting items onto Venn diagrams, conducting surveys and graphing results.  We'll be creating and reading graphs.  The major focus at first when creating graphs will be to use appropriate titles and labels.  When reading graphs, we'll be learning to watch closely for the "scale" item likely represents more than one number on most Grade 3 graphs.  We'll conduct a few surveys among class members too which is always a lot of fun!

In Language, we've been working on Autobiographies.  We're writing about ourselves, our families and our favourite activities.  We're taking photographs of each other and we're learning to include them in our Autobiographies on the chrome books.  We're also "sharing" our typed work with each other on the Chrome Books in Google Drive where we can edit each other's documents and practise proper use of capitals and punctuation.  We'll also getting excited about sharing letters and pictures from our Flat Stanleys as they arrive in the mail!  Mrs. O's Flat Stanley has been to Holland and back!!!  He had his picture taken with a windmill and he had afternoon tea and cake with Mr. O's relatives!

Halloween is coming quickly and there are lots of fun things we can do!  On Monday, October 31st, we'll be dressing in black, orange and purple to support Downs Syndrome and to wear those ever popular Halloween colours.  We'll also enjoy the annual "walk-thru" and "sing-along" in the gym with Ms. K's very popular Halloween blowups!  In class that day, I'd like to try a very cool healthy treat project to support the healthy living section of our Health Curriculum and to prove how healthy eating is fun!  If everyone in the class could bring some kind of cut fruit, vegetable, cheese or crackers, we will turn them into skeletons and zombies and then eat them!!!  Yuck!  But oh what fun this will be!!!!  Thank you Pinterest for these fabulous examples!

So far, it's been a busy but fun October!   Thank you for the support you give your children at home!